Business Knowledge
We help protect your business best when we understand it. To do this we work with your key stakeholders to understand your key systems and processes, we analyse your business data and provide an in-depth review of your insider risk.
Mitigate Insider Risk
We provide visibility of your insider risks so you may take initial decisive action to mitigate them. Our recommendations align with your business objectives enabling your business to be more agile, fast and secure.
Ongoing Assurance

To continue operating at high levels or assurance, it is vital to embed a solid monitoring and detection function to your security framework. Ongoing monitoring by SECMON1 via its ITOC approach provides this assurance.


While many organisations have a SOC (Security Operations Centre) which manages external threat, this approach doesn’t work well in relation to the insider threat. Many organisations are now also establishing an ITOC (Insider Threat Operations Centre).


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An ongoing level of assurance
A rapid improvement in the organisational security culture
Increased visibility of insider risk
Increased identification of systemic control failures
Increased customer confidence
Reduction of organisational risk
Reduction in data leakage events
Reduction in fraud
Reduction in theft of intellectual property
Reduction in insurance premiums and deductibles