Cost Effective
Typically, 50% cheaper than any other ediscovery service provider (Collection - Processing - Hosting).
Increased efficiency, security and reduced costs, through using one electronic discovery platform for the entire process.
End to End
We offer complete end to end services, from management to technical resources.
Full Visibility
We provide full visibility and control of the process - ‘Collection to Review’.
Our services are available anywhere in the world.
Our experienced team are always available to provide support and guidance.

Whether it is litigation related or a regulator request for information, at some point it is inevitable that organisations will be required to produce documents related to a specific topic. To be caught ‘flat footed’ in these circumstances certainly means cost, but it can also mean financial or reputational damage, or even large punitive damages.

SECMON1 are well versed in ensuring organisations are well prepared for the inevitable. While preparation for an electronic discovery is very wise, our experience is that these same preparations result in efficiency gains and cost savings in any case. This can occur through culling data no longer needed or simply gaining a better understanding of where the organisations data is stored.

It is essential that electronic discovery matters are well managed from the outset. This includes data custodian interviews and data collections. It is common for organisations to try to self-manage these types of matters, only to subsequently find that fundamental errors have occurred. Errors at the outset almost always result in recollections, in essence, restarting the matter. Many courts and regulators will take the view that an electronic discovery poorly managed from the start results in tainted information. Many such matters will result in an adverse finding against the organisation.

The SECMON1 team is experienced and capable of providing advice and guidance in ediscovery matters to ensure that an electronic discovery is conducted properly from the outset.

The staff (custodians) within an organisation who have relevant data such as emails or documents almost always require assistance to ensure that data is captured appropriately. Some organisations have been known to ask the custodians to ‘self-collect’ the relevant data. This is an exercise which is fraught with danger as it almost always results in a tainted collection. Most custodians don’t have the knowledge, time or motivation to capture relevant data accurately or appropriately.

SECMON1 approaches these matters in a tiered manner. Many times, it is not necessary to speak to every custodian. When it becomes necessary to gain further information from a custodian, the SECMON1 team is concise and efficient in the approach while at the same time providing reassurance to the custodian, as these matters often create a level of anxiety. 

The SECMON1 team uses many refined and efficient approaches to data collection. Our objective is to collect data accurately and in the most cost effective manner possible. We work with you to ensure that there is little, or no, disruption to staff or the organisation during the collection process.

We collect only necessary data ensuring that our model of ‘cost effectiveness’ is at the forefront during the process.

The data processing aspects of our electronic discovery approach, reaps the benefit of our efficient data collection methods. Because we use one streamlined electronic discovery platform, we gain efficiencies early in the process. The cost savings become exponential.

The effectiveness of our ediscovery management means that you get to the early case assessment phase of the process quickly and will understand your liability much sooner. This allows you to make informed decisions about the critical issues, such as whether to defend the litigation or how to plan your approach with a regulator.

If and when you get to the stage of requiring a comprehensive review of collected and processed data, you can be assured that, as a result of our processes and methodologies, there will be no gaps or unpleasant surprises for your organisation.

Because the data collected is always maintained in the one ediscovery platform, the review of data is seamless, streamlined and efficient. One of the features of our ediscovery platform is its ease of use for reviewers. This ease of use is converted into accuracy and speed to resolution.

In the event that data needs to be produced for the opposing side, in a litigation, or a regulator as a result of an order, our platform and process makes this seamless. You will have assurance at this point that the data provided has collected and processed accurately, and that you have satisfied the electronic discovery requirements in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.