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With our many years of industry expertise, we are able to provide expert advice and a wide range of professional and managed services to our clients.
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Electronic Discovery
Industry leading and cost effective collection, processing, hosting and management of data for litigation matters.
Monitoring, Detection and Response
System, application and data leakage monitoring, detection and response services.
Insider Risk
We work with your key people to identify your risks from insiders. We then create a custom solution, to mitigate your risks.
Data Analytics
Maximise the value of your business data through customized data analytics.
Computer Forensics
Expert examinations of computer systems in support of investigations.
Professional investigations into theft of IP, fraud and sabotage.


SECMON1 brings the right mix of people, process and technology to solve your operational, reputational and compliance risk challenges. In the past, we have helped organisations with issues ranging from intellectual property theft to fraud and anything in between. We work with both small firms and large global organisations.
SECMON1 are experts in protecting your business.

The reduction of your operational, reputational and compliance risks is at the foundation of our services. We achieve this through an initial review of your risk posture and often a sample analysis of key logs. We then recommend mitigation strategies around key risks. We find on most occasions that your problems are solved very easily and at low cost.

Our services are agile and scalable. Organisations can be subject to drastic change, caused by divestiture, change in regulation or the focus of your business. We pride ourselves on being able to flex with your business to meet your changing needs.

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